Willy Geheb Returns to Schmirma in 1934!

The Bremen ShipWelcoming Party in Schmirma

Home Sweet Home

After being away from his family in Schmirma, Germany for 11 years, Willy Geheb returned to Germany in 1934. He brought along his wife, Irma, and their baby son, Willy. Although it was during the depression, Willy was able to take two months from his job as a machinist at Visking in Chicago. He left assured that his job would be waiting for him when he returned. There was a grand welcome at home with father Geheb at the reins of the horse and buggy. The whole family arrived to greet the only one who ever left with his wife and baby whom they had never met. Also they wanted to introduce the visiting family to all the new members of the Geheb family.

Making Chicago “Home”

After the initial festivities, with all the excitement and joy of the occasion, the family in Schmirma couldn’t share in the extended holiday of their visitors. As a result, Willy and Irma ended up helping with the farm, the forge, and the housework. Hitler was solidly in power and, although the Germans had hope for the future, life was still very difficult. After living without indoor plumbing and experiencing the day-to-day existence of his family, Willy and Irma knew Chicago was to be their permanent home. Willy became an American citizen one month after returning from Germany.


About The Book

This is a story told through the descriptive journals and letters written by ordinary people living through extraordinary times. In their own words, the Geheb family share their adventures. heartaches, love, and passions from 1914 to 1947 in Germany and America. You will be inspired by the strength and perseverance of the German Gehebs and the never-ending love and devotion that Willy Oswald Geheb had for his family.

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