Claire Ohlsson Geheb

I am Claire Ohlsson Geheb, editor of Dear Willy, The True Story of a Life Well Lived. Throughout my life I have been developing a passion for history, especially social history. As I learned about the important events of the past, I always wanted to know about the ordinary people and wondered what their lives were like. 

When the old German letters were translated into English, I was intrigued by the stories that were told. I read the stories of a strong, loving, determined family as they were living through very difficult times. What started as a family project developed into a mission to share these revealing stories with others who have an interest in social history. As I edited and organized the letters, journals and photos, I also added historical comments for clarification. I believes this book touches readers in a primal way as it describes what we all want: to live our lives the best we can.

My goal is to promote this wonderful book, therefore making it available to more readers. I would like to have a German publisher translate it to German and offer it to the German people. I can also see it as a TV Miniseries. I am available for presentations about the process of making Dear Willy, or to tell the story with photos, excerpts, and historical commentary.