Claire Ohlsson talks about the social history of Dear Willie

Claire Ohlsson Geheb

I am Claire Ohlsson Geheb, editor of Dear Willy, The True Story of a Life Well Lived. Throughout my life, I have developed a passion for history, especially social history. As I learned about the important events of the past, I always wanted to know about the ordinary people and wondered what their lives were like.

As the old German letters were translated into English, I was intrigued by the stories that were told. The stories told of a strong, loving family living through  difficult times. Although started as a family project that focus quickly changed. Thereafter it developed into a mission to share these revealing stories with many others. When editing and organizing the letters, journals, and photos, I added historical comments for clarification. Overall this book touches readers in a primal way. It describes what we all want: to live our lives the best we can.

My goal is to promote this wonderful book, therefore making it available to more readers. Hopefully a German publisher will translate it back to German and offer it to the German people. However a TV Miniseries would be ideal. I am available for presentations about the process of making Dear Willy or to tell the story with photos, excerpts, and historical commentary.

About The Book

This is a story told through the descriptive journals and letters written by ordinary people living through extraordinary times. In their own words, the Geheb family share their adventures. heartaches, love, and passions from 1914 to 1947 in Germany and America. You will be inspired by the strength and perseverance of the German Gehebs and the never-ending love and devotion that Willy Oswald Geheb had for his family.

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