About Claire Geheb, Editor

I am Claire Ohlsson Geheb, editor of Dear Willy, The True Story of a Life Well Lived. Thirty years ago, my husband John was cleaning out his father’s apartment and found an old suitcase filled with letters and a box full of photos. The letters were written in old German script and most of the photos were not labeled. Fortunately, we kept it all.

In 2013, we found a translator who could read the difficult script. As the letters were translated, a whole new world opened up to us. The stories and adventures of Willy Oswald Geheb and his family in Germany were written between 1914 and 1947. We read the stories of a strong, loving, determined family as they were living through very difficult times. What started as a family history project became a book that has been enjoyed by those who may or may not have their own family immigration history.

My goal is to promote this wonderful book, therefore making it available to more readers. I am available for presentations about the process of making Dear Willy, or to tell the story with photos, excerpts, and historical commentary.